Seekers is a modern Vampire tale of action, love, war
and adventure.

The story takes place in ancient times of Kings, Demons and Guardian Fairies. The rich history and lineage of Dracule and his offspring of evil Vampires evolve into modern times and entertains the reader as they are brought to the darkest corners of Hell.

Tesnim, Agrepina and Sophia are the three Guardian Sisters who have been bitten by the Dark Lord and cursed with their souls intact to roam through the decades with an insatiable thirst for human blood. Their quest for vengeance compels them to wage war on the Hellian Vampires as they travel through the centuries looking for James, the mortal Saint that has the power to open Heaven’s gate and begin the war of the realms. Dorian, the son of Dracule, with his brothers, fight to regain power over Middle Earth and mankind. His lascivious feelings toward Tesnim pave the way to his own demise when uncovering the burgeoning romance she finds with James.

The battle is deep within the Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania. Mythological creatures as well as legendary Dragons and Gargoyles make this an epic story of good versus evil. Readers will enjoy the elements of old world ambiance as well as new age satire, the reader will also appreciate the art of traditional Romanian language spoken between the Vampires as it sets the tone for literary authenticity.

Seekers is rich in sister plots and ancient “Moroi” folklore. You will be glad that you mentally sank your teeth into this book.